Back Story

25 years ago, my husband and I bought an 18th century sea captain’s house on the coast of Maine. We found a bit of faded stenciling on a plaster wall buried under modern day wallpaper. Such a revelation! and the beginning of research and practice of this art. I replicated stencils from the era and used them on stair-risers and the passageway between the dining room and library.

Later, we bought and renovated a 19th century saltwater farm; again, the wall art of stencils was used to provide a bit of interest to small spaces.

Now, we are settled in a 20th century house and I am combining my enjoyment of handwork, stencil art, color, and fibre. Linen is the fabric of choice because of its beauty, and the texture is reminiscent of the plaster walls early Americans decorated 300 years ago.

I thank my grandmother and mother for teaching me handcrafts early on and instilling the beauty & wonder of creativity.