Less is more

We down-sized two years ago. That meant a fair amount of letting go…letting go of old books that had been read once, furniture that we had had since the 70’s, recycling quilts and blankets to the animal shelter, donating the bowls and plates and crystal that didn’t even surface for holidays anymore.

And it allowed for some really great rethinking of how many items in the house can have a dual purpose. The couch can be a bed, the kitchen island can be an ironing board, every table has drawers and every drawer is filled with only the essentials. You know the drill if you live/d in an apartment, remember dorm days, hiked, camped…

Less is more.

So, why not make pillows with a dual purpose? table runners and placemats can be reversible, too. The pillows appealed to my decorating sense the most, though, and that’s how Two Faced Linen came to be.