For the love of linen

I have had a love affair with linen since my mom bought a light pink sleeveless dress for a New Year’s Eve Party. I was 8 and still remember loving the texture and elegance of this rather simple Audrey Hepburn look. Mom looked beautiful.

Anyhow, I later learned to sew and also appreciate different fabrics and how they ‘behave’ during the sewing, wearing and washing process.

Linen rocks!

It holds its shape and texture and color after repeat cleanings.
The secret is prewashing to eliminate any shrinkage surprises.

The paints that are used for these designs are specific for fabric use, and dry soft and flexible. The California based company that manufactures the fabric paint has been in business since 1969 and continues to be family owned.

I think you will be as pleased with the durability as I am.