About 2 faced linen

  • washable linen pillows hand-stenciled on both sides, so decor changes with a flip
  • linen is upholstery quality so remains wrinkle-free and beautiful
  • pillow inserts are 100% cotton-covered and filled with duck feathers & down
  • invisible zipper allows for a gentle wash / air dry and quick iron
  • bold colors are soft to the touch and will not crack or peel
  • square pillows are 18″ x 18″
  • lumbar pillows are 14″ x 24″


  • pillows pictured are available now; new designs are added weekly to create a fresh decor
  • price is $65.00; shipping is free

DSC_0944DSC_0946Fabric is a natural linen color
with an orange ginkgo leaf and turquoise coral design.


DSC_0947DSC_0948White linen with a bright pink
peony sporting shaded petals and a multi-green center; zinnias in violet, lime green, and orange on the flip side.


DSC_0949DSC_0950A darker lime green ginkgo leaf
with a deep violet medallion on natural


DSC_0951DSC_0952Have you ever seen purple poppies?
They are stunning! and share the white linen pillow with the traditional red. A vibrant pink zinnia is on the other side.


DSC_0958DSC_0956Teal linen shows off the white whorls of this shell and the coral on the reverse.



DSC_0959DSC_0960And how different this same shell looks in yellow/orange on the sage/gray linen; deep violet medallion on the reverse.


DSC_0961DSC_0962Another pillow in the sage/gray linen with 3 vibrant zinnias in orange, violet, and red-orange; hot pink peony on the flip side.


The beginning of the tile collection!
Violet and brilliant blue tile give these sunny
poppies a warm partner. On white linen.

Orange aged with a burnt sienna shading on this
tile with medallion featuring bright orange and
periwinkle for a big splash. On gray/sage linen.


Lumbar pillows are 14” x 24”.

DSC_0953DSC_0954Periwinkle starfish dance on one side
and a deep grey blue pod of whales
drift by on the other.


Three pipers in silhouette chat on the beach
with two turquoise starfish holding court with
a sand dollar on the reverse. On white linen.




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